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2 Hijab AI Generated Art

Masterpiece, realistic, 8K, Raw, 1 girl, hijab, mulan, pale skin,
a woman wearing a white and gold hijab , Vivid Dreamscape: An ornate tapestry of dynamic patterns interwoven with rich, particulate hues, reminiscent of Maryam Hashemi's evocative style, framed against a sprawling universe background. , by casey weldon, ,by monserrat gudiol, ,by todd solondz,  , Landscape Photography, Natural Environment, Wide Angle Lens, Scenic View  futuristic,   Protest, Social Issues, Daily Life, Culture , Cyberpunk culture , Urban utopia , Nanobot repair , Nanobot swarm  , Neo-noir , Futurist , Retro-futurism , Galactic vision ,