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Httyd AI Generated Art

portrait photography,closeup,a young girl bathes in the hot springs of a palace in the sky,wearing a light gauze dress,outside is a pale pink sky,full of dreams,pale clouds floated around,incredible,(the palace was lavish and beautiful:1.2),extremely detailed realistic fantasy,cowboy shot,narrow waist,twigs,
((masterpiece,best quality)), ,  dark skin, Cleopatra, white dress, smile, tiara, desert, pyramid \(structure\),
DC movies,photo of a 18 year old girl,wonder woman,basketball player,jumps in the air,holding a ball in her hand and shooting it towards the hoop,happy,laughing,looking at viewer,ray tracing,detail shadow,shot on Fujifilm X-T4,85mm f1.2,depth of field,bokeh,motion blur,,
joan of arc, beautiful knight wearing armor, (blonde hair), curvy, strong, blue eyes, [Flirty character portrait], (((full body))), (((1girl full body))), ((wide shot)),(1girl looking away),( wide big eyes:1.1), (extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper), (standing on a french battlefield), french countryside, masterpiece, ((highres)), shallow depth of field, Sharp focus, hdr, 8k, Cannon EOS 5D Mark III, 85mm, Cinematic , asymmetry, Amazing photography ,dynamic compositon, full body photo, De-Noise, f 5.6 , 85mm, CineStill 800T, film photo, flowing, elegant pose, realistic portrait, round eyes, skin texture, soft natural lighting, intimate composition, Cinestill 800T, modelshoot style, (8k wallpaper), perfect, masterpiece, highres, absurdres,broad light, Sharp focus, natural lighting, masterpiece, 4K, high quality, ((slim)), (smirk), (big eyes) <hypernet:incaseA3_v18000Steps:0.3>  <hypernet:Midjourney:0.2>
hulk, bear, purple shorts, standing, nude, tall, smirk, thigh focus, detailed, intricate details, masterpiece, absurdres, best quality
official art, unity 8k wallpaper, ultra detailed, beautiful and aesthetic, masterpiece, best quality, photorealistic, in the wood, dark theme  joker
((RAW, analog style)), extremely detailed full body color photo of albert einstein, background laboratory, ((film grain, skin details, high detailed skin texture, 8k hdr, dslr))
((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), ((realistic,digital art)), (hyper detailed), male Albert Einstein,  upper body clothing, Boat Neck, Broderie anglaise, Cybernetic Network Pattern,, Collage Materials, Puff Sleeves, High-Low Hemline, High Waist,  Peplum Hem,,Slit Details,,Front Pockets,,Whiskering,  , Celestial Meridian, Interstellar, Cosmic Web, Supernova}, octane rendering, raytracing, volumetric lighting, Backlit,Rim Lighting, 8K, HDR,
Superman Iron man, UHD, 8K, (Masterpiece), (Cinematic), (Hyper Realistic), (Ultra Realistic), (Highly Detailed), (Realistic), (Photographic), (Detailed Face), (Perfect Lighting), (Sharp Eyes), (Highest Quality), (Hi-Q), (Highest Resolution), (DSLR), (Cinematic Quality), (Perfect Coloured Image)
(super size Spawn and Red Hulk),high resolution,HD,very realistic,bloody,explosion,city,street,aircraft,man focus, solo, huge cape,(look at viewer), prefect metal armor,((solo:1.8)),Christopher Hemsworth.
ragonz01 as iron man with the infinity gauntlet, 8k, youtube miniature, face
(masterpiece:1.0), (best quality:1.4), macro shot of (ice crystal:1.3) with (bokeh background:1.2), (bokeh:1.4), (ultra highres:1.2), bokeh sparkles, (photorealistic:1.4), (8k, RAW photo:1.2), (sharp focus:1.4), macro photography, extreme close-up, microscopic, volumetric lighting, vignette, lowkey, glowing, focus stacking, extremely intricate, extreme detail, retouched, soft light,
masterpiece, best quality,
lelouch lamperouge, student,
solo, ((ashford academy uniform)), portrait
short hair, purple eyes, geass
belt, black belt, black jacket, black pants, 
mksks style, professional lightning, spotlight, city,
8k wallpaper, masterpiece,Cinematic Lighting, best quality,Illustration,dramatic angle, upper body, ((mecha:1.4)) mecha \(mjstyle\),,[(porcelain \(materials\),):0.7):1], robot, mecha, solo, no humans, standing, science fiction, gradient, redesign, gradient background,blue,flower,white,(Complex mechanical faces, robots), A beautiful earth filled with water and lava, intricate, masterpiece, expert, insanely detailed, 4k, composition, framing, centered, symmetry, painted, intricate, volumetric lighting, beautiful, rich deep colors masterpiece, sharp focus, ultra detailed, in the style of dan mumford and marc simonetti, astrophotography
by casey weldon, ,by monserrat gudiol, ,by wlop, , Macro Photography, Floral World, Macro Lens, Intricate Details of Thought-controlled remote, floating just above a user's outstretched hand, its hovering presence responding to mental commands, a testament to the fusion of mind and technology. , futuristic,  , Close-Up, Candid, Profile, Gaze , Urban , Datapunk , Alien artifact , Android enigma  , Tech noir , Neon haze , Deep space odyssey , Alien inscription ,
high detailed professional photo of hulk looking at viewer, fog, dark forest, night, darkness, grainy, shiny, intricate details, contrasting shadows, cinematic lighting, realistic, photographic
beholder, acidic remnants of an otherworldly hypnotic portal, color explosions, vivid chemoluminescence, swirling psy fractals, highly detailed intricate, concentric macro photography. looks like a ripped sphere, glowing pulsating core, radiating outer shell. studio setup, neon rim lighting, glass
Portrait Photography Photo of a female doctor, wearing white lab coat with stethoscope around her neck, standing beside a medical equipment cart, medium framing capturing her from chest up, (transparent fabric:1.42), (perky medium breasts:1.4) hospital room with medical supplies as the background, soft fluorescent lighting from above, eye-level camera angle for direct engagement, ISO 200, f/4, 1/100 sec, drawing inspiration from the work of Platon. (perfect face), (8K, 16k, uhd, dslr), (RAW photo:1.2), (best quality:1.4), (high quality:1.4), (masterpiece:1.2), (realistic:1.3), (photo-realistic:1.4), ultra-detailed, (grainy:0.4)
Photorealistic 8K, Iron Man and Batman sitting at a luxurious poker table, high-stakes chips and cards spread out. Intense, focused expressions. Background featuring Jarvis and Alfred as dealers. Highly detailed, modern lighting
cinematic film still [jennifer walters:she-hulk:15] at cafeteria, full body shot from behind  . shallow depth of field, vignette, highly detailed, high budget Hollywood movie by luca guadagnino, bokeh, cinemascope, moody, epic, gorgeous, film grain, grainy
harry potter, standing in a magical dark forest wearing glasses and robes
(masterpiece:1.2) (photorealistic:1.2) (bokeh) (best quality) (detailed skin:1.3) (intricate details) (8k) (HDR) (analog film) (canon d5) (cinematic lighting) (sharp focus)
close up cinematic view of lara croft, ancient aztec ruin, jungle, rainy weather, style of dark souls
cinematic photo Candid Photo of She-Hulk, in a bustling city street, with natural, candid lighting, revealing her everyday interactions with people  . 35mm photograph, film, bokeh, professional, shot by girma berta, 4k, highly detailed
hello_kitty,1girl,blue eyes,iron man,on the street,tail,full body,looking at viewer,solo,,
professional  fashion close-up portrait photography  of a young beautiful  ((ohwx woman))    at sushi restaurant during Twilight, Nikon Z9
Portrait photography:2.3 of white french ethnicity 30 year old woman on city street, young, beautiful, high key (waist portrait:.5)
, leonardo da vinci rider, blue eyes, brown hair, long hair, parted bangs, black footwear, brown jacket, elbow gloves, gloves, jacket, loafers, metal gloves, pantyhose, red skirt, shoes, skirt, puffy sleeves, thighhighs, blue thighhighs,, (masterpiece:1.3), (best quality:1.3), 1girl, solo, cowboy shot,  standing on one leg, cropped torso, forest,outline,fountain,shop,outdoors,east asian architecture,greco-roman architecture,restaurant,shanty town/slum,, 
facing away, pencil sketch,
professional 3d model Two people, Cortana and Master Chief romantically engaging each other, 
cyberpunk cityscape in the background, cyberpunk surroundings, futuristic cyberpunk art style, multicolor neon lights, night time, water reflections, dark atmosphere,
cinematic action shot, raw photo, HDR colors,
masterpiece, best quality, high quality, intricate, ultra detailed, 16k, highres, absurdres    . octane render, highly detailed, volumetric, dramatic lighting
, Albert Einstein, wojak
Fighting game style Photograph of angelina jolie (Lara Croft)for a Cyberpunk  Fantastic Journey with a miniature capsule a sexy woman Dynamic, vibrant, action-packed, detailed character design, reminiscent of fighting video games
hulk in joggers at the boardwalk BREAK psychedelic trip
((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), ((realistic,digital art)), (hyper detailed),Albert Einstein,  upper body clothing, Halter Neck, Quantum-stitch Knit, Concentric,, Paper, Dolman Sleeves, High-Low Hemline, Natural Waist,  Pockets,,Ruffles,,Convertible Dress, Corset Closure,,Typography  , lower body clothing, Cotton, Flecked,,  Regular Fit, Empire Waist,  Open Back,,Front Pockets,,Pockets,  , Interstellar Gas, Extraterrestrial, Perihelion, Lunar Eclipse}, octane rendering, raytracing, volumetric lighting, Backlit,Rim Lighting, 8K, HDR,
full color painting of standing  Lara Croft as cyberpunk  (((Graffiti art) (by Carne Griffiths))), red wall background, insane details, intricate details, hyperdetailed, low contrast, soft cinematic light, dim colors, exposure blend, hdr, front
A (Tang Sancai-styled sculpture:2) of hulk
Hulk, simple, flat colors, stardew valley style
realistic portrait pdalns as a cute alien rpig, (black skin:1), iron man costume, (fireworks background:1.1)
, masterpiece, best quality, vanilla the rabbit, brown eyes, animal nose, sonic the hedgehog (series), short hair, orange hair, white gloves, looking at viewer, standing, red high heels, rabbit girl, medium breasts, breasts, sonic the hedgehog \(series\), furry, furry female, highly detailed,  detailed background, mature female, city, buildings, outside, (uploaded on e621), (((by marthedog, by chadthecartoonnut, by avante92))), dress, blue ascot, red vest, cinematic lighting,  puffy sleeves,
[hulk: cyborg: 0.5] standing in a forest, cinematic moody dark atmospheric chiaroscuro softlight by Malevich, detailed face, ,
The illustration vividly portrays Iron Man, but there's a unique twist. The armor Tony Stark is typically known for has been transformed by the traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e art style. Instead of the sleek, futuristic look, Iron Man's armor now boasts intricate patterns, ornate embellishments, and accessories reminiscent of samurai armor. The color palette harmoniously blends Iron Man's signature red and gold with muted, classical Ukiyo-e shades. Set against an aged and textured backdrop akin to old parchment or scrolls, the image perfectly captures a convergence of the modern superhero icon with ancient Japanese artistry,
She-hulk, hyper realistic photograph,  1920's flapper girl, great gatsby, :: film grain, Kodak portra 800, f1.8, golden hour --ar 2:3  --beta --upbeta
a purple flower with an eyeball in the center, in a dark forest covered in moss and fungi, macro photography, realistic, 8k, cinematic lighting, highest quality
cinematic film still a kitten in iron man suit flying in sunset clouds . shallow depth of field, vignette, highly detailed, high budget Hollywood movie, bokeh, cinemascope, moody, epic, gorgeous, film grain, grainy
professional 3d model ,glass,iron man,, 8k,Highly detailed,Digital photography,High definition, . octane render, highly detailed, volumetric, dramatic lighting
Wonder Woman, black and red color scheme, sinCity_iamYork
god of war kratos with iron man costume in futuristic city
professional portrait photography of the face of a beautiful  ((ohwx woman))  at hockey arena during Night, Nikon Z9
Donald Trump as an angry Hulk but orange in color
Katniss Everdeen, 30 years old, light brown hair, braid, tall, in hiking clothes, on a mountain, with a backpack, red lipstick, tight cloth leggings, corset, cleavage, mesh, updo, ((medium breasts)), small thighs, small hips, long legs ((very skinny)), smirk, thin eyebrows
 , 8K  jflw, (establishing shot:1.5)
Cute creature from Space. terraforming. Alien Flora, baby yoda with santa hat, green, Miki Asai Macro photography, hyper detailed, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed, by greg rutkowski detailed face, detailed skin
A stunning digital painting of (Emma Watson:1.0) by (Slawomir Maniak and greg rutkowski:1.2), extremely long wavy messy hair  wearing (As female Indiana Jones, in an adventure-ready outfit, set against an ancient temple:1.2) , (Standing against a wall, she crosses one ankle over the other and folds her arms over her chest. Her head is tilted to one side, and her gaze is challenging and captivating.:1.1) ,(hyper detailed illustration,volumetric lighting,8k wallpaper,DSLR-quality,high detailed,epic fantasy character art,unforgettable illustration,Deviant-art,ethereal,masterpiece,epic composition,An inspiring, ultra-high-resolution image,atmospheric lights,incredibly detailed,beautifully crafted digital painting,atmospheric lighting,A mesmerizing, hyper-realistic portrayal,extremely detailed,ambient occlusion,elegant,octane render,Dramatic,subsurface scattering:1.2), , antitech, scifi, pure energy