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3D Cartoon
Text to Image
Jan 1

<lora:Averiv0.9:0.8>, foxgirl, 1girl, fox (Anthro, chest fluff, fluffy ears,realistic proportions, anthro proportions, furry, crazy, no pupils, no iris, Aniridia, Aniridia syndrome, lifeless eyes, evil, scheeming, saitama, ultra instinct, raw power, hyper power, serious, glowing eyes, glowing blue eyes), good quality, hq, fur reflecting lights, clouds, shading, vignette, looking at viewer, complex background, blue atmosphere, low-tier god, god, vibrant colors, black clouds, lightning, lightning from the sky, glow, character glow, smug, smirk, dead eyes, eye contact, dead look into viewer, strong wind, from below pov, night, noon, spark of light, realistic, hyperrealistic, hyperrealism, illustration, masterpiece, artwork, bright, fur reflecting light, sun rays, light rays,

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