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Jan 1

(zkzbkellz:1.4) (dkong:0.5) person, (necktie, 1boy, humanoid, furry, adorable:1.2), (wearing square black spectacles:1.3), (close full body portrait from below:1.3), (silly, style of Jim Henson and ILM, voyeurism:1.2), (detailed, brave, stoic:1.3), (intimate portrait, extra detailed, 8k, comic illustration:1.3), (POV, coherent, intricate detail, (overgrown thorny vines, barbed bramble, brier,nettle:1.2) background setting, natural light:1.1), (highest quality, best quality, masterpiece, absurdres:1.3) , , , , fcDetailPortrait BREAK (extreme detail, detailed bamboo cozy treehouse, wooden barrels, donkey kong country utopia, dramatic lighting by Denis Villeneuve:1.1)

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