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Jan 1

(best quality), ((masterpiece)), (highres), illustration, original, extremely detailed wallpaper, game console, game controller, soccer ball, controller, television, playstation controller, bookshelf, gamepad, indoors, poster (object), book, pillow, bed, no humans, shelf, english text, nintendo switch, ball, virtual youtuber, monitor, poke ball, table, video game, telstar, food, keyboard (computer), handheld game console, messy room, blanket, playing games, mouse (computer), cup, pikachu, ground vehicle, computer, box, cameo, bag, chair, clock, bedroom, link, shoes, globe, mario, loaded interior, solo, motor vehicle, book stack, sonic the hedgehog, soccer, 1boy, couch, full lips, large lips, beautiful lips, poke ball (basic), holding controller, weapon, game boy, baseball bat, character doll, 1girl, headphones, helmet, can, bottle, sword, cd, hat, kirby, speaker, scenery, cardboard box, meme, rug, trash can, artist name, painting (object), map, window, desk, gun, playstation portable, samus aran, guitar, slippers, instrument, male focus, aircraft, pizza, wooden floor, photo (object), lying, tissue box, dice, parody, bulletin board, cosplay, shoes removed, sneakers, copyright name, model kit, skull, carpet, futon, logo, microphone, trash bag, character print, blonde hair, brand name imitation, airplane, holding game controller, cloud, isabelle (animal crossing), cushion, pokemon (creature), picture (object), alarm clock, toy, gloves, stuffed toy, under covers, mega man (character), graffiti, character name, sticker, handgun, bean bag chair, coca-cola, ladder, lamp, shirt, multiple girls, joystick, on bed, mug, inkling, plant, soda can, doll, cabinet, motorcycle, long hair, refrigerator, day, sitting, clothes writing, board game, sky, boots, alcohol, messy, card, backpack, crossover, shadow, product placement, paintbrush, paper, objectification, dakimakura (object), remote control, plate, office chair, portrait (object), calendar (object), wall, kiryu coco, manga (object), boots removed, mori calliope, bed sheet, cable, panda, smile, ninomae ina'nis, gawr gura, blue hair, explosive, takanashi kiara, union jack, crewmate (among us), animal ears, yukkuri shiteitte ne, black hair, paint, drawer, multiple boys, mask, baseball cap, master sword, bicycle, daruma doll, robot, sleeping, multiple crossover, meta knight, radio, skull and crossbones, brown hair, on back, candy, holding, kuma (persona 4), watson amelia, fruit, screen, stuffed animal, curtains, animal print, door, joy-con, drinking glass, picture frame, soda bottle, hakurei reimu, watermark, squirtle

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