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Jan 1

((1girl, aqua nails, bathroom, black nails, blue nails, bottomless, breasts, brick wall, ceiling, chain-link fence, fingernails, from below, green nails, medium breasts, mole, mole on breast, mole on thigh, nail art, nail polish, navel, navel piercing, orange nails, ring, short hair, shower \(place\), showering, solo, sweat, tile floor, tile wall, tiles, yellow nails,a woman in an orange bikini standing in a shower, very very low quality picture, 👁🌹👾, middle close up shot, under a shower, dripping wet, cory chase, very wet, bottom angle, hands behind her body pose!, smooth in _ the background, in bathroom, (sfw) safe for work, exposed thighs!!!, 👅 👅,A woman with short hair and medium-sized breasts is depicted in a very low-quality picture. The picture shows her standing in a shower, wearing an orange bikini. She is seen from a middle close-up shot, and the camera angle is from below. The woman's body is dripping wet, and her hands are positioned behind her body. In the background, there is a smooth surface, possibly a tile wall or tile floor. The woman's nails are painted with blue nail polish, and she has a mole on her breast and another one on her thigh. She is also wearing a navel piercing and a ring. The overall atmosphere is safe for work (SFW). )), ///////((ifbb fitness body, fitness model, feminine and muscular,ripped, fit physique)),, fake breasts, (huge breasts:1.1),(gigantic breasts:0.8),,(pureerosface_v1:0.5) , (ulzzang-6500-v1.1:0.5), , smile:1.1, random poses, no bra, no underwear, , ((ultra sharp image)), , light on face, realistic skin:1, daytime, big breasts, (((nude:1.2))), ((3/4 body)),

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