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Jan 1

A stunning digital painting of (taylor swift:1.0),solo, (middle shot:1.4), realistic, masterpiece, best quality, high detailed, (As female Master Chief from Halo, imagine her in a futuristic, full-body armor, amidst the cosmic background of a war-torn planet. This epic, high-resolution masterpiece will capture her resolve and tactical brilliance, resulting in a compelling, space-warfare-filled, iconic artwork in an astonishingly realistic, highly immersive 8K quality.:1.1),(in the style of Keith Parkinson:1.1),epic fantasy character art, concept art, fantasy art, fantasy art, vibrant high contrast,trending on ArtStation, dramatic lighting, ambient occlusion, volumetric lighting, emotional, Deviant-art, hyper detailed illustration, 8k, gorgeous lighting, ,vamptech ,(full height portrait:1.8),(Short bob with pearl hairpins: A short bob with pearl hairpins tucked on one side, creating a classy and elegant appearance.:1.2)

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