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Jan 1

masterpiece, best quality, high resolution, wallpaper, 8k, loading screen, intricate detail, octane render, concept art, intricate outlines, extremely detailed stylized painting, subsurface scattering:1.3, detailed background, robot, anime, dark shadows, detailed shadows, white helmet with black screen on faceplate, futuristic samurai, fuzzy, face hidden, full helmet, white helmet, white armor, shiny, energy, led lights, purple neon design, screen where eyes should be, closed visor, technology, full body:1.2, combat stance, ready for battle, sakura petals falling from the sky, sakura petals on ground, serenity, samurai atmosphere, guardian, energy blade, standing on white grass, high contrast, robot body, Musashi Miyamoto, detailed armor:1.2, white and purple composition, neon, neon blade, glowing, neon lights, neon samurai, ingenium, combat armor, master chief, terminus, cyber, porcelain:1.2, porcelain armor, cyberpunk, layered armor, neon purple visor, robocop, batman, daft punk, exhaust ports, futuristic, armored gauntlets, sleek design, smooth white plastic, android, antihero, gadgets, light panels on suit, servos, motors, gears, vents, sentai, sentai robot, power suit, mech suit, mech, neon wings, sharp wings, energy wings, magical girl, pink petals on ground:1.1, akimbo, two swords, dual weilding, shoulder plates, led lights on shoes, action figure, megaman, energy field, magic, dark atmosphere, purple neon, diffused lighting, tron, shiny, raining in night city, gotham, tokyo at night, raining in background, raining in foreground, watercolor, cyber trees, jjba, circuits, ponytail, retrowave:1.5

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