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Flat 2D
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Jan 1

D&D angel, Dungegon and dragons style, dark angel, ((sans, sans from undertale, sans fan art, sans fanart, sans skeleton)), (from above:1.2), kratos, (close up face:1.5), (front view), papyrus, wd gaster, papyrus undertale, wd gaster undertale, undertale skeleton, fantasy town, symmetrical face, snowing, green clothing, short skeleton, Hellwalker, light yagami, light yagami death note, incombing death, hell, oozing thick green blood, L death note, vascular networks growing, connecting, (green aura), explanding, vaporwave veins everywhere, (atomic explosion:1.1), (colorful, vivid color:1.4), (Infrared:1.2), ultra detailed, intricate, oil on canvas, ((dry brush, ultra sharp)), (surrealism:1.1), (disturbing:1.2), beksinski style painting, green magic, centered body, (male:1.2), realistic, ((intricate details)), (pale gothic evil king), dynamic pose, perfect face, (realistic eyes), perfect eyes, ((dark gothic background)), sharp focus, (nailed wire, dark glass skin, biomachine body:1.4), Hypercube, sparks, lensflare, rim lighting, backlighting, RTX, Post Processing, muscular, venom costume, venom suit, centered body, symmetrical, hdr, detailed hell background, hell background, rainbow eyes, glowing teeth, glowing mouth

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