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Flat 2D
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Jan 1

(1girl, thin adult girl:1.2), (dark glass skin, diamond body, multi colored eyes:1.4), demon eyes, fire hair, mutton chops, (post apocalypse:0.8), portrait, solo, half shot, looking down, detailed background, detailed face, Chronomancy, (chronomancy theme:1.1), bubble-wizard, orange sorcerer robes, surrounded by light green bubbles, rainbow, floating orbs, large bubbles, floating sparkling particles, transclucent, glowing bubbles, swirling bubbles, graceful, bubbles in background, intricate patterns, starry sky, magical atmosphere, space, Egypt futuristic, (by Enki Bilal , methurlant) surreal, (hyper realistic:1), ((upper body selfie, happy)), masterpiece, best quality, ultra-detailed, outdoors, (night), mountains, magic forest, nature, (stars, moon) cheerful, happy, backpack, sleeping bag, camping stove, water bottle, mountain boots, gloves, hat, flashlight, forest, rocks, river, wood, smoke, shadows, contrast, clear sky, analog style, methurlant Dean Cornwell A portrait of a female cyborg , organic armor, (intricate, atmospheric, surreal, gritty, cinematic, stylized, contrast, comic, eerie, stylized, dystopian), (high contrast:1.1), (Reflected light:1.2), ultra detailed, (rainbow skin:1.3), (surrealism:1.1), (disturbing:1.1), (cottagecore), (geometric:1.2), (futurism:1.2), impressionist, (detailed), (majestic:1.2), (suggestive:1.3), (depressing:1.1), (cute:1.4), (enticing:1.4), (irresistible:1.4), disturbing, (fascinating:1.2), (magnetic:1.2), (color palette:crimson:1.1), (color palette:cerulean:1), heart on chest, Cyborg succubus, (demon, female succubus:1.2), (rainbow glass skin:1.4), full body of cyborg lady, cybernetic jaw, mechanical parts, white shirt, unbottoned, black latex skirt, metal skin, glowing red eyes, cables, wires, black hair, simple background, (surrealism:1.1), (disturbing:1.1), (futurism:1.2), impressionist, (majestic:1.2), (suggestive:1.3), (depressing:1.3), (enticing:1.4), (irresistible:1.4), disturbing, (fascinating:1.2), (magnetic:1.2), impossible geometry, shattered time and space, ((chains attatching to body, chains, red veins everywhere, nailed wire:1.3)), demon girl, succubus girl, floating girl, flying girl, (latex gloves), Hellwalker, light yagami, light yagami death note, incombing death, hell, oozing thick green blood, (male body:1.6), L death note, vascular networks growing, connecting, explanding, vaporwave veins everywhere, zdzislaw beksinski, (atomic explosion:1.1), (colorful, vivid color:1.4), (Infrared:1.2), ultra detailed, intricate, oil on canvas, ((dry brush, ultra sharp)), (disturbing:1.2), beksinski style painting, satanic cross, (full torso), full body in frame, centered body, (chubby girl:0.8), realistic, ((intricate details)), (pale gothic evil queen), dynamic pose, perfect face, (realistic eyes), perfect eyes, ((dark gothic background)), sharp focus, neon black bloody veins growing and intertwining out of the darkness, oozing thick neon blue blood, veins growing and pumping blood, neon spider web, (nailed wire, rainbow skin:1.4), Hypercube, sparks, lensflare, RTX, Post Processing, satanic cross, demon pants, muscular, venom costume, venom suit, centered body, symmetrical, hdr, detailed hell background, hell background, latex pants, (from above:1.2)

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