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Flat 2D
Text to Image
Jan 1

pencil sketch of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy looking at each other and talking to each other across the threshold of a door in Diagon Alley, happy, streaks of morning light, moulding and trim, ((magical plants)), victorian, baseboards, [Diagon Alley] BREAK a handsome 25-year-old happy smiling (Harry Potter 1.9) exuberantly standing in the street outside an wizarding apartment in Diagon Alley and (holding a steaming cup in one hand and a broom in his other hand) and (wearing Quidditch gear), (((looking to the right))), facing to the right, cobblestones, liminal space, witches and wizards in the background bustling and going about their business, wide angle shot BREAK a handsome 25-year-old confused (Draco Malfoy 1.9) standing in an open doorway and holding a door open and staring out and looking confused with one hand in his hair and (wearing a pair of pajama bottoms and nothing else), (((looking to the left))), facing to the left, shirtless, bare chest, standing in a hallway inside a wizarding apartment with hardwood floors and fancy persian carpets, , all, silly, funny . Dirk Crabeth,Alan Lee,David Palumbo,mars ravelo and greg rutkowski,pencil sketch,grayscale,official art,a detailed drawing,fantastic realism,a storybook illustration,magic realism,academic art,fantasy art,gothic art,pre-raphaelitism,

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