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3D Cartoon
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Jan 1

sitting on the throne, king of the dead with a crown of bones, black web robe, web, spiders on armor, with a black blade in his hand, fantasy, dramatic photo, dynamic photo, full body view, blurred background, highly detailed, ultra-realistic, 8k, (realistic:1.3), poster, intricate details, painting \(artwork\), ((masterpiece,best quality)), ((cinematic light)), hyperealistic, fearsome, dark fantasy \(style\), detailed armor, detailed spider helmet, spider head, lots of hands, (dark shot:1.17), epic realistic, faded, ((neutral colors)), art, (hdr:1.5), (muted colors:1.2), hyperdetailed, (artstation:1.5), cinematic, warm lights, dramatic light, (intricate details:1.1), complex background, (rutkowski:0.8), (teal and orange:0.4), a female portrait of a hyperdetailed in the style of a dementor from harry potter and a rogue dnd character,ginger hair, (pleasant:1.3) thoughtful expression, full body, conjuring magical energy, cinematic shot on canon 5d ultra realistic skin, Fabian Perez Henry Asencio, Jeremy Mann Marc Simonetti fantasy magical horror atmosphere, (highly detailed environment:1.3), award winning photo of a woman, tough, blue eyes, ((deep sea, caustics, underwater)), dark blue ambience, coral reef background, water bubble, highly detailed, engraved white glowing armor, windy long hair, fantasy universe, mysty, foggy, depth of field, photo realistic, nostalgia by greg rutkowski,

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