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Jan 1

neoartcore, 1girl, hermione granger, alternate legwear, between breasts, black cardigan, black cloak, black thighhighs, blurry, blurry background, breasts, brown eyes, brown hair, candle, cardigan, cloak, clothes lift, dress shirt, glowing, gryffindor, hair strand, hogwarts school uniform, holding wand, light smile, (lips), long hair, looking at viewer, magic, medium breasts, necktie, necktie between breasts, open clothes, open robe, red stripes, robe, school uniform, seiza, shirt, sitting, skindentation, skirt, skirt lift, smile, solo, sparkle, striped, striped necktie, sweater, thighhighs, thighs, wariza, wavy hair, white shirt, window

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