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Jan 1

RitaFaltoyano, woman posing for a photo, Character: Hermione Granger from Harry Potter Description: The model takes on the role of the brilliant and courageous Hermione Granger. She wears a Gryffindor robe in vibrant scarlet and gold, adorned with the House crest. Underneath, she dons a crisp white shirt, a gray pleated skirt, and knee-high socks. Her outfit is accessorized with a striped tie and a wand, symbolizing her magical abilities. Location: The enchanting halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry provide the backdrop for the Hermione Granger cosplay. The model explores the castle's grand corridors, adorned with ornate tapestries and flickering candlelight, capturing Hermione's intellect and love for learning. good hand,4k, high-res, masterpiece, best quality, head:1.3,((Hasselblad photography)), finely detailed skin, finely detailed textures, sharp focus, (cinematic lighting), collarbone, night, soft lighting, dynamic angle, [:(detailed face:1.2):0.2]

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