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Flat 2D
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Jan 1

masterpiece, official art, cute girl, age 19, mature, young face, slim proportions, (hourglass figure:1.2), quirky, (emma watson:0.9), (hermione granger:1.3), (disney princess:1.4), (perfect brown eyes:1.4), (brown hair:1.4), (long straight hair:1.3), cute smile, (fancy red ballroom gown:1.5), (white corset:1.1), (royal red princess dress:1.4), full body shot, (outside:1.8), sunny, adorable smile, sexy, beautiful, (wearing a gold crown:1.3), perfect eyes, perfect hands, perfect face, perfect teeth, mouth slightly open, 8k HD, smooth skin, global illumination, well lit, sharp focus, ultra fine details, smooth vertex shading, subsurface rendering

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