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3D Cartoon
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Jan 1

(1girl:1.3), (full height:1.4), (Emma Stone:1.5), masterpiece, best quality, high detailed, sexy skimpy outfit,warrior,action,agressive,weapons,dynamic pose, (In a battle-scarred fortress, a female human Eldritch Knight (photorealistic:1.35) repels invading forces. Her face, featuring (warrior-grade, fierce makeup:1.2), exhibits unwavering resolve. She wields a sword in one hand and casts a spell with the other, the arcane energies intertwining. The crumbling fortress, the clashing forces, and the Knight's powerful stand capture the fusion of magic and might:1.5), (in the style ofKekai Kotaki:1.3),As Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series, clad in her Hogwarts school uniform with a Gryffindor tie and robe, her wand at the ready. She stands in the halls of the magical castle, her intellect and loyalty shining through as she prepares to face challenges with her friends Harry and Ron.,Choker necklace: A tight-fitting necklace made of leather or metal, worn high on the neck to draw attention to the collarbone and neck.,Low ponytail with feather hair accessory: A low ponytail wrapped with a delicate feather hair accessory, giving a soft and feminine feel to the look., epic fantasy character art, concept art, fantasy art, a character portrait, fantasy art, vibrant high contrast, trending on ArtStation, dramatic lighting, ambient occlusion, volumetric lighting, emotional, Deviant-art, hyper detailed illustration, 8k, gorgeous lighting,,vamptech,vampiric

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