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Jan 1

(Incredible Hulk:1.2), , hackedtech , scifi, cyberpunk, Imagine a cyberpunk version of the Incredible Hulk, a towering figure of raw power and fury in a dystopian future. His cybernetically enhanced body is a combination of organic muscle and metallic implants, glowing with neon circuitry. The Hulk's skin is a metallic green, with pulsating veins of energy coursing through his body. He stands amidst the wreckage of a futuristic city, his fists clenched and ready to unleash his cybernetic strength. The atmosphere is filled with smoke, neon lights, and flying vehicles, reflecting the chaos and destruction of the cyberpunk world. (Cybernetically enhanced body, metallic green skin, pulsating energy veins, futuristic city wreckage, cybernetic strength, smoke, neon lights, chaos and destruction)

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