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Jan 1

best quality, masterpiece, A mesmerizing portrait of a character that embodies a mix of Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America from Marvel's Avengers, showcasing a unique fusion of their iconic traits standing beside a sleek and futuristic car, positioned inside a large and technologically advanced lab,The character wears a metallic suit, exuding a shining aura, with a captivating mix of black, gold, red, and blue colors. The suit integrates the latest technological advancements, seamlessly blending Iron Man's suit and technology with Captain America's style. The character's pose exudes confidence and power, representing their heroic nature,(Iron man + spiderman + batman face mask: 1.3),(sparks in background : 1.5),(digital screens in front : 1.2),(Scientific equipment , technological gadgets : 1.5),The lab surrounding the scene is a testament to futuristic innovation, featuring advanced machinery, holographic displays, and an array of cutting-edge scientific equipment. The lab's lighting is dynamic, with vibrant neon lights casting an otherworldly glow, creating an atmosphere of both awe and intrigue, In the background, a futuristic vehicle reminiscent of their unique style adds an additional layer of intrigue and adventure,detailed, high-resolution:1.2, perfect lighting, bloom, cinematic lighting, 3D render, hyperrealistic, lifelike, exquisite details, photo-realistic, unparalleled quality, top-tier craftsmanship, flawless execution, realistic textures, meticulous shading, astonishing accuracy, true-to-life representation, breathtaking fidelity, unrivaled precision, seamless integration, impeccable composition, trending on ArtStation, (red neon lightning in suit : 1.2),(zoom blur : 1.1) ,(Futuristing flying vehicle in background with neon headlights :1.5),triadic color scheme, smooth, matte, elegant, digital paint, dark, gloomy, Octane Render, 8k, 4k, dramatic lighting, post-processing, picture of the day, ambient lighting, epic composition, bokeh, 15mm wide lens, 35mm wide lens, 85mm wide lens, Ray Tracing, NVIDIA RTX, Super-Resolution, Unreal 5, Subsurface scattering, PBR Texturing, Anisotropic Filtering, Depth-of-field, Maximum clarity and sharpness, Multi-layered textures, Albedo and Specular maps, Surface shading, Accurate simulation of light-material interaction, Perfect proportions, Two-tone lighting, Wide aperture, Low ISO, White balance, Rule of thirds, 8K RAW, Efficient Sub-Pixel, sub-pixel convolution, luminescent particles , mechanical body and abdomen , matte black design ,Cinematic lighting,sharp focus, pristine clarity, crystal-clear

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