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Jan 1

full body of Girl cyber-punk 20 y.o [, <hypernet:pureerosface_v1:1> ] with the gradient red hair glowing floating, short hair, anger facial expression, [relfect suit, technology suit, iron man suit, see-through stomach gothic suit, iron-man neck glowing cat icon, glow shine body, iron blackcat suit], (high detailed skin:1.5), [shine detail eyes, detailed face, look at viewer, smile, amazing detail, 8k resolution, RTX, best art, sexy,[ background in top-down of buiding, vaporwave vibe art style, city night, night, glowing led sign, sci-fi, futuristic ], [ ariel view futuristic background], looking viewer, Dark, cyberpunk 2077 style, tron movie, 1girl, perfect finger, medium breast, action movie pose, CGI Background, Galaxy glowing, portal dimension, iron short, correct eyes, sci-fi ring bracelet on the right hand, multiverse, ready player one, alita, background realistic, retro futuristic, Array with Dynamic Particles, 3d Futuristic technology style, perfect hand, running pose, action jumping pose

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