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Jan 1

(cubist artwork baroque bedazzled gothic royalty fractal frames surrounding a pixelsort highly detailed portrait of jack sparrow grindelwald, by gerhard munthe, 4 k resolution, nier : automata inspired, bravely default inspired, vibrant but dreary but upflifting red, black and white color scheme!!! ( ( space nebula background ) ) emo demonic horrorcore japanese yokai doll, low quality sharpened graphics, remastered chromatic aberration spiked korean bloodmoon sigil stars draincore, gothic demon hellfire hexed witchcore aesthetic, dark vhs gothic hearts, neon glyphs spiked with red maroon glitter breakcore art by guro manga artist shintaro kago . geometric shapes, abstract, innovative, revolutionary( Ultra realistic, Intricate, awesome ultra high resolution photography, (technical showcase:1.5)), (rim light,Hard Lighting,rim light,hypomorphic,foreboding,award-winning,Phase One XF IQ4 150MP,navel focus,80mm, masterpiece,)

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