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Jan 1

an awarded profesional photography of (1man:1.3) Celtic with red eyes aqua eyes eyes and Arched Brows and male Straight Micro Fringe hair hairstyle and Jack Sparrow beardin gray color, he wear fundoshi and cabbie hat adoring, swatting a fly in highway by Denis Villeneuve Footlight,(epic scene:1.3),ultradetialed character with perfect face,detailed skin,(ultrasharp:1.3),(masterpiece:1.1),best quality,(photorealistic:1.2),ultrarealistic,realistic ultradetailed character,4k perfect quality, Over-the-shoulder shot, focus on character, <lyco:GoodHands-beta2:1> Magnificent,Imperceptible detail,Intricately designed, (perfect quality face:1.5) hyper-detailed complex, very intricate details, insanely detailed, detailed clothes, detailed skin, detailed body, nice character figure

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