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Jan 1

pregant, sks woman (dressed as james bond), long hair, freckles, blushing, pale skin, (long shot, full body) , full sharp, detailed face, looking at viewer, eye contact,18 yers girl, jp-ds824a-v3-3300 (standing field of wildflowers:1.4) freckles (intricately detailed sheer lace nightgown:1.2) (bright glossy eyes:1.5) (stars in night sky:1.4) epiCRealism She has double eyelids and a high nose bridge, which beautifully accentuates her big eyes. Her blonde colored curls add charm to her overall appearance. With cherry lips , she looks adorable 3d,frame,Day tunic, embroidered collar, and wimple, Trailblazer, Average Height, Athletic, Oval Face, Dark Skin, Strawberry Blonde Hair, grey-blue Eyes, Straight Nose, Thin Lips, Sharp Chin, Shoulder-Length Hair, Fine Hair, Swept Bangs, perky breasts, Threader earrings, cherry cream lipstick, crouching, f2, 35mm, film grain, jinjermoon mayers woman 4k, beautiful, large lips:1.3 (parted lips:1.3) and (lips filler:1.3) and (silicon lips:1.3), (thick lips:1.3), large breasts:1.3,

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