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Jan 1

abstract colors, texture, film grain, skin pores intricate dramatic portrait of a beautiful windblown 1950s retrofuturism scifi hover car james bond classic muscle car delorean flying over a futuristic solarpunk city, foggy morning, cinematic movie still frame, blade runner 2049, altered carbon, analog style film grain, stephan martiniere Wadim Kashin Simon Stalenhag michal karcz ismail inceoglu, skin pores, dusty atmospheric haze, vignetting foreshortening, intricate hasselblad dslr RAW full-body dramatic portrait photo of a petite nerdy goth chick wearing form fitting space suit from the expanse, swimming. floating in a scifi airlock, morgan webb abby sciuto amouranth natalia dyer, surprised look of awe awesome space buns, freckles, analog style eye contact nofilter selfie from above, backlit, pale skin freckles, cinematic movie still, skin pores intricate dramatic portrait of a beautiful windblown scifi scientist standing on a balcony overlooking a futuristic solarpunk city, punk hair style, masterpiece, dust, rust, intricate DSLR RAW, awe-inspiring, colossal, fearsome, landscape wideangle hyperdetailed matte painting, You dwell below the earth, o strong spirited one, a meadow in Tartaros, thick-shaded and dark, Sceptered Chthonic Zeus, please accept this sacrifice, o Plouton, holder of the keys to the whole earth, yours is the third portion, earth, queen of all, seat of the gods, mighty lap of mortals, your throne rests on a dark realm, the realm of distant, of untiring, of windless, and of impassive Hades, it does rest on gloomy Acheron, the river who girds the roots of the earth, All-receiver, master of death, master of mortals, you once took as your bride pure Demeter's daughter, you tore her away from the meadow and through the sea you carried her to an Attic cave upon your steeds, it was the district of Eleusis where the gates to Hades are, frenzied god, I summon you, analog style, sharp focus, art by john collier and by David Palumbo and by Chris Rahn and by Clint Cearley and by greg rutkowski and by caravaggio and by moebius and by alphonse mucha, darkwave, gothic horror, post-apocalyptic, clutter, decay, grit, darkness, grunge, oozing pools of filth, perfect faces, dramatic lighting, dark shadows, brutalist ultra-modern architecture

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