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Jan 1

The Joker by Tsutomu Nihei,(strange but extremely beautiful:1.4),(masterpiece, best quality:1.4),in the style of nicola samori, Futuristic utopia, Adventure, Aether, Kraken, Car, Nebula, Verdant, Canvas, Spontaneous Human Combustion, Voyage, Lovely, (Double exposure:1.3) bokeh sky by fine art, super dramatic moonshine, silhouette photo illustration, amazing depth, intricate detailed fine cracked surface, stunning atmosphere, mesmerizing whimsical vibrant scenery, complex masterwork by head of prompt engineering, humanoid made of diamonds, upper body, bare-chested, ((masterpiece, best quality)), ultra detail, glass skin, white electricity coming through cracks, 8k Glitch art of a Nautical Woman, at Cityscape, split diopter, Weirdcore, F/2.8

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