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Flat 2D
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Jan 1

An intimate shot of a Dappled Light photo of ((close up):1.2)+(professional portrait:1.1) of The joker with a chaotic background, (masterpiece),(best quality),(ultra-detailed),(unrealengine)(octanerender)(HDR), detailed skin texture, (blush:0.5), (goosebumps:0.5), subsurface scattering, Vector art, Vivid colors, Clean lines, Sharp edges, Minimalist, Precise geometry, Simplistic, Smooth curves, Bold outlines, Crisp shapes, Flat colors, Illustration art piece, High contrast shadows, Technical illustration, Graphic design, Vector graphics, High contrast, Precision artwork, Linear compositions, Scalable artwork, Digital art,, dynamic lighting, tilt-shift, art by Adrian Tomine Agnes Cecile, Warhammer, pauldrons, astra militarum, space marine, by Jakub Rozalski, analog, by enki bilal, by philippe druillet, by moebius inspired french comics art, the contrast in colors and textures should be distinct highly detailed,surreal,vibrant yet slightly desaturated, faded film, desaturated, 35mm photo, grainy, vignette, vintage, Kodachrome, Lomography, stained, highly detailed, found footage, wwi

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