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Jan 1

cyberpunk style, Blade Runner Mecha night shot of music-related shot of full body shot of The cyborg Joker from gotham city on the embankment of the night cyberpunk city in the dead of night, neon signs, billboards, futuristic cars in the style of cyberpunk 2077, green wavy short hair, (he singing karaoke:1.5), ((mechanical limbs:1.3)), (a metal biomechanical mask covering half of the face is worn on the face),extremely detailed, ultra quality, Fleischer Studio’s ‘Setback, , . Whole outfit, clear, sharp, balanced in a cyberpunk outfit. Futuristic, dystopian, metallic, neon. Playing an instrument, singing, energetic, passionate. Dark, lit, moody, mysterious . Anime, robots, futuristic technologies, dynamic battles, detailed mechanical designs, highly detailed . Cyberpunk, neon-lit, rainy, dystopian, noir, cinematic, highly detailed, neon, dystopian, futuristic, digital, vibrant, detailed, high contrast, reminiscent of cyberpunk genre

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