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3D Cartoon
Text to Image
Jan 1

the heart of a male robotic cyborg, holograms, transparent, machine parts, wires, circuitry, ADDBASE ((from side)), torso of a cybernetic , a ghost emerging from her heart, eyes agape, terrified, porcelain metal skin, ADDROW ((from side)) legs of a cybernetic robotic cyborg woman, boots, (heels), holograms, machine parts, wires, circuitry, holographic, fractal, (Ascii Art:1.3), AND high detailed professional upper body photo of a transparent porcelain male android looking at viewer, with glowing backlit panels, anatomical mushrooms, glowing dark forest, night, darkness, grainy, shiny, intricate glowing mushrooms, with vibrant colors, colorful plumage, bold colors, flora, contrasting shadows , realistic, photograph AND a Photorealistic Joker from Batman wearing rave party clothes from 90's style, hands up dancing,having good time, d, at the Rave Party in 90's., colorful lights, flying glowing colorfull insects

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