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Jan 1

An extremelyy realistic photograph of (koh_daisyridley :1.3) with extremely long wavy messy hair and (excessive makeup:1.5) as sexy (As female Joker from Persona 5, donning the stylish black and red Phantom Thief outfit, mask, and wielding a dagger, set against a vibrant cityscape or otherworldly palace, vivid colors, high-resolution, 8k quality, detailed environment, true to the Persona 5 series, captivating and stylized illustration.:1.3) on a front cover of an (erotic magazine:1.3) , (full height photo:1.6), (full length portrait:1.6), best artwork in the world, detailed face, detailed eyes, detailed clothes,sexy outfit, skimpy outfit,revaling, tight,(hourglass figure:1.2)

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