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Jan 1

, averi, forgirl, fox, female (anthro, cartoony), indoors room, indoors, analog horror, (bloody eyes:1.4), bloody face, (blood:1.6), (bloody room:1.5), (unpleasant_atmosphere:1.3), crazy face, (knifes:1.2), sharp object, knife in hand, bloody knife, sharp object in hand, horror, blood on fur, killer face, crazy, (heads on the walls, non-identifiable, corrupted, deformed), bloody head, lots of blood, nerve tickling, crazy bitch, looking at viewer, killing sight, eye contact, crazy eyes, corruption, unnerving feeling, color defficient, beating heart effect, corruption effects, satanic markings, (realistic:1.4), (hyperrealistic:1.4), high quality, unnerving, (unpleasant:1.5), bloody scars, scars, gloves, blood on gloves, realisitc hands, bloodbath, dark place, demonic, no bright colors, grayscaled, killer instincts, human meat, cannibalism, exposed flesh, licking blood, molded meat, eye falling out, cut body parts, joker, sharp instruments

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