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Jan 1

a realistic digital painting of (Emma Stone:1.0), Picture an evocative, highly detailed fantasy RPG portrait of a human female sorceress in the riveting universe of Pathfinder, her visage emanating arcane prowess and sheer mastery over the elemental forces. She is attired in an opulent, ethereal gown in hues of sapphire and amethyst, embellished with mystic symbols and celestial motifs subtly glowing with an inner magic.Her arms are stretched out, fingers splayed, as she commands the elements. Streams of electricity, flames, chilling ice, and swirling winds intertwine around her, manifesting her elemental magic. The intensity in her eyes illuminates her features in the otherworldly light, highlighting the daring stroke of her cobalt eyeliner, the dust of golden highlighter gracing her cheeks, and her ruby-tinted lips imbued with a spellbinding allure.This piece of art is inspired by the fantastical styles of artists such as Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Brom, the piece seeks to blend Law's ethereal, flowing aesthetic with Brom's darker, more intense themes, creating a unique fusion of their artistic visions.The backdrop is a cascade of northern lights in an obsidian sky, their shimmering colors reflected in the mirror-like surface of a serene lake at her feet. Ancient, towering trees partially cloaked in mist surround her, their branches swaying in rhythm with her conjuring. The spectacle of her spellcasting under the celestial light show creates an atmosphere that's both surreal and majestic.The sorceress stands at the heart of the scene, an epicenter of raw, unrestrained elemental magic. The portrayal of her control over the elements, and the juxtaposition of her calm demeanor amidst this chaos, should reflect her true essence - a woman of extraordinary power and wisdom.This fantasy RPG portrait should encapsulate the highest standards of digital artistry, emphasizing vivid colors, dynamic contrasts, and compelling composition. The final image should portray the sorceress in all her glory, her command over the elements, and her unparalleled aura of mystique , A short, choppy bob with plenty of texture and layers, styled in a sexy and edgy look that highlights the cheekbones and jawline. wearing (As female Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock, in a belted trench coat, against the backdrop of foggy London streets:1.2) , (A poised lunge position. One foot is forward, knee bent at a 90-degree angle, while the other leg is extended behind. She holds dumbbells in each hand, arms at her side, with her gaze focused and determined.:1.1) ,(captivating concept art,CG unity,realistic,trending on ArtStation,4k,4k quality,best quality,unforgettable illustration,ultra detailed,vibrant high contrast,trending on ArtStation,fantasy art,ambient occlusion,subsurface scattering,lifelike textures,incredibly detailed,beautifully crafted digital painting,DSLR-quality,highly detailed,ethereal,extremely detailed,captivating scene,8k quality:1.2),

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