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Jan 1

((A full body terminator cyborg in future city)). (RAW photo, real life, absurdres, high quality, detailed, realistic:1.3), (solo:1.3), a high resolution photo of a t-800 with intricate details, with red eyes glow and metal shiny skull face and chrome metal body, eyes are red camera lenses. ((metal reflex fire, big flames, fog, smoke and dark background)), cinematic, atmospheric, 4k, realistic lighting, shot by Hassleblad camera, Zeiss lens, 50mm 1.2 lens, Octane Render, ultra realistic, realistic lighting, photorealistic, photorealism, unreal engine, highly detailed, intricate detail, <lyco:terminator:0.6> (((full body))), cracked, broken with lava inside, battle damage, flying aeroships, builds the head or helmet as faithfully as possible to the model, fighter planes in sky,

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