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Flat 2D
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Jan 1

(Wonder Woman:1.3), solo focus, suit, muscular, (((Tanned skin))), Black Hair, Red and Blue Coat, Cityscape, Heroic, Lasso of Truth,{{{Master piece:1.3}}}, {{{realistic}}}, {{cinematic lighting}}, {{{perfect anatomy:1.3}}, beautiful woman, {{extremely detailed}}}, long eyelashes, {{perfect face}}, {{perfect eyes}} refined, {soft lighting}, {{inspiring}}, (detailed body),(Masterpiece)),(((best quality))), ( full body: 1.4), good anatomy, long hair, brave features, tall, strong, Large chest,((highly detailed features)), (((very detailed face))), noble features, intricate, (depth of field), dynamic lighting, highly detailed body, detailed features, 4k, textured, 1 woman, looking at viewer, Wonder Woman logo, Sword and Shield, Tiara and Bracelets, Bright sky, Sunlight, Metropolis City, Crime fighting, Amazing

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