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Jan 1

Wonder Woman, vhs effect, nostalgia, full body, Wonder Woman, (Intricate details, makeup), (Delicate and beautiful delicate face, delicate and beautiful delicate eyes, perfectly proportioned face), delicate skin, strong and realistic blue eyes, realistic black hair, lips, makeup, natural skin texture, tiara, jewelry, star \(symbol\), leotard, bulletproof gauntlet, Red boots, golden belt, (public clothing: 1.5), bare shoulders, slightly sunburned complexion, mature, sexy, elastic muscles, (muscles: 1.2), ((strong and healthy body)), (((more) muscles))), long legs, curves, (big breasts: 1.3), cleavage, thin waist, soft waist, (delicate skin), (beautiful and sexy woman), (swollen lips: 0.9), (eyelashes: 1.2), very delicate muscles, perfect body, flexing muscles, (skin texture), intricately detailed, fine details, hyperdetailed, raytracing, subsurface scattering, diffused soft lighting, shallow depth of field, by (Oliver Wetter))neon)

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