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Flat 2D
Text to Image
Jan 1

1 sandstone statue as Bart Simpson part of the Simpson stands focused on a remote mountaintop dojo. Charging his chi, he prepares a devastating Hadouken, , the martial arts master role in the Simpsons character, covered with thick cobwebs and dust, rain leak grunge,dynamic posing,key light, Selective focus,(dutch angle:1.6),abstract statue, Slashed Statue,weathered sandstone statue,extremely hyper aesthetic, chinese temple hall indoors,(fog and smoke), dramatic composition,dramatic lighting, Inventive,(Dunhuang mural style:1.2),(dutch angle:1.6),key light, symbolic of his inner strength, coils around him, resonating with his energy and purpose, [spider webs in hair], Selective focus, extremely hyper aesthetic, Canon R5, UHD, Inventive,dramatic composition,dramatic lighting,

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