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Flat 2D
Text to Image
Jan 1

(CinderellaWaifu:1), 1girl, nervous smile, blush, looking at viewer, (dress), (realistic:1.2), (realism), (masterpiece:1.2), (best quality), (ultra detailed), (8k, 4k, intricate),(full-body-shot:1),(Cowboy-shot:1.2), (85mm),light particles, lighting, (highly detailed:1.2),(detailed face:1.2), (gradients), sfw, colorful,(detailed eyes:1.2), (detailed ladscape, house, livingroom:1.2),(detailed background),detailed landscape, (dynamic angle:1.2), (dynamic pose:1.2), (rule of third_composition:1.3), (Line of action:1.2), wide shot, daylight, solo,

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