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Flat 2D
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Jan 1

[[[bimbo]]]], posing, teasing, 8k uhd, masterpiece, best quality, high quality, absurdres, ultra-detailed,,masterpiece, best quality,3 horses,3 females,pure white fur,huge breasts,equine black pussies,{{{{large pink Feather Plumes on heads}}}, s,golden bridles,sitting on ground,{{{{{ultra high detailed muzzles}}},nightsky,sparks ,confused expression,{{{{{{pure white fur}}}}},white hair,white tail,after transformation, slightly sideways,whinny,{{{very thick gold band above cheast}}},nipples,hooves,legs front,high detailed body,golden bands,hair feather,identical triplets,facing left,bend over,forest background,open muzzle,neighing,mane hair,identical pose,gold bridle,{{{{{pink Feather Plumes}}}}},{{{{{{{3 large pink Feather Plumes on head}}}}}}},lower body completly naked,upper body golden band,seductive,black pussy,equine pussy,{{{{presenting pussies}}},cinderellas horses,boring_e621_v4,black hooves,{{{{facing all the same direction}}}},close up,dark background,very dark forest,identical harnessess,black nipples,{{{{golden horse harness with huge gold straps}}}},,high detail hair Feather Plumes,sitting on ground,6 legs,hands on breasts,{{{{{{{identical triplets}}}}}},{{{close}}},{{{{golden harness}}}},golden bridles,{{{head ornament}},

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