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Flat 2D
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Jan 1

Jasmine in a blue dress and some men in black and purple outfits and a neon light up background, Enki Bilal, cyberpunk, cyberpunk art, (cyber jewelry:1.5),(arabian clothes, off-shoulder shirt, pants), (retrofuturism:1.5), 1girl, building, city, city lights, cityscape, cyberpunk, earth \(planet\), from behind, lens flare, lights, moon, neon lights, night, planet, rain, science fiction, skyscraper, space, thighhighs, underwear, (low angle shot:0.8), (close-up shot:1.2) (asymmetrical:1.5), (alluring:1.42), (exquisitely seductive:1.34), (sublime:1.42), (fantastically epic:1.34), (masterpiece:1.45), (absurdres:1.62), (8k uhd:1.34), (4k, intricate:1.57), (realistic, photo-realistic:1.37), (exquisitely artistic:1.42),

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