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Flat 2D
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Jan 1

jasmine 1girl, solo, long hair, breasts, black hair, navel, brown eyes, jewelry, earrings, dark skin, necklace, dark-skinned female, clenched hands, circlet, gothic eye shadow, eye glitter, freckles, eyelashes, eyeliner, dark red lips, matte lipstick, naked, (innie vagina:1.0), pierced nipples, (full_body_shot:1.4), tiara, (wearing sexy white bride intrincated one-piece lingerie, white arm-long gloves, white garter_belt, white stockings, see through, white lace choker:1.5), (8k, raw photo:1.3), (hyper realistic, photo realistic:1.3), (hyper supreme extreme quality beautiful women:1.3), (hyper realistic light skin texture:1.3),(1girl:1.0), (beautiful quality huge eyes, beautiful quality face:1.3), (erotic femme fatale makeup:1.2), (fantasy mood+erotic mood:1.3), (big breasts+thin body:1.1), depth of field, (cinematic lighting, cinematic shadow, realistic lighting, realistic shadow:1.2), smart sharpe, hard focus, highres, uhd, completed eyes, completed face, upscaled, Crisp, presence, (sense of volume:1.2), fFaceDetail

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