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Flat 2D
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Jan 1

, (full stand, full frame, full body shot:1.7), east arab persian princess, jasmine belly dancer, wide curvy hips, lush curly grand hairstyle, art of (realistic:1.3), finely detailed, quality, rembrandt lighting, (masterpiece:1.2), (photorealistic:1.2), best quality, (detailed skin:1.3), (intricate details), dramatic, french blond woman, 18 years old, detailed skin texture, (blush:0.5), (goosebumps:0.5), subsurface scattering, (large breasts, huge bust:1.3), makeup, (gold embroidery, frills, pearls:1.2), (bright sunny day), , wide open big green eyes, smile, happy, , Pop Art

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