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Flat 2D
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Jan 1

photo of hot 20yo MeridaWaifu, (photo-realistic, hyper-realistic, RAW photo:1.2), (dress), curvy, open clothes, barefoot, off-shoulder, bare shoulders, long red hair, blue eyes, cleavage, freckles, cute face as princess Zelda ZeldaTOTK, jewelry, blonde hair, crown braid, short hair, triforce, solo, earrings, strapless, bare shoulders, braid, strapless bikini top, loincloth, belt, necklace, bracelet, blue eyes, armlet, looking at viewer, thick eyebrows, alternate costume, hair ornament, hairclip, collarbone, bored, (photorealistic:1.5), low contrast, subsurface scattering, photorealistic hair, dynamic eye shading, facial animation, natural lighting, depth of field, cinematic lighting, matte, ultrarealistic, RAW photo, medium breasts, perfect face, perfect thin body, smooth skin, intriguing, (full-body), color, tacky, best quality, absurdres, skin pores, intricate detail, sophisticated detail, depth of field, photorealistic, RAW photo, (masterpiece, realistic lighting), sharp focus, picture-perfect face, flawless, clean

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