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Flat 2D
Text to Image
Jan 1

cyberpunk wear,cyberpunk head material, mickey mouse a figure toy, bitcoin amulet chain, wearing a sunglasses,cyberpunk room (full body:1.9), amorphous shapes, (sickening texture), (moist surfaces:1.3), haunting whispers, (disconcerting movement), unknown origin, (slithering chaos), unnatural fusion, (inexplicable behavior), lurking dread, hidden horror masterpiece, best quality, detailed, realistic, 8k UHD, high quality, lifelike, precise, vibrant, absurdres, (full body portrait:1.6), 3d style, ((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), ((ultra realistic)), detailed soft oil painting, detailed background, dramatic cinematic lighting, soft edge lighting, professional, dramatic lighting, hard edge lighting, ultra quality, 4k,(masteriece, best quality, 8k, ultra highres, highres:1.4), extremely detailed

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