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Flat 2D
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Jan 1

thrilling 22yo MulanWaifu, (HQ photo, masterpiece, RAW photo:1.2), (japanese clothes, kimono), cute face , 1girl, (knees together feet apart, knees up), lying, lying on back, feet up, bottomless, no panty, pussy, sex, vaginal, penis, on bed, full body, wide shot, detailed onsen background BREAK ((photorealistic), realistic face), medium breasts, beautifully detailed woman, realistic face, detailed mouth, extremely detailed eyes_and_face, beautiful attractive face, beautiful detailed eyes, (photorealistic), pronounced feminine feature, matte eyeshadow, eyelashes, eyeliner, perfect fit body, smooth skin, dynamic posing, toned body, flat belly, perfect feminine hands, BREAK color HD photo, Hasselblad 500C Camera, (full-body shot, high quality photo, masterpiece), HDR, 8K resolution, analogue RAW DSLR, best quality, absurdres, vivid vibrant colors, skin pores, intricate detail, (intricately detailed face_and_eyes), realistic human hands, sophisticated detail, (realistic lighting, sharp focus), centerfold, bokeh, official art, 8k wallpaper, ultra high res, professional photography

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