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Flat 2D
Text to Image
Jan 1

Luis Royo style illustration of the beautiful Pocahontas,DV_Yolanda_Vicious with her tribal outfit, (((Polynesian tattoos))), ((face tattoos)), similar to yolanda_viscious., [moody lighting], [dark undertones], (detailed:1.05), (extremely detailed:1.06), sharp focus, (intricate:1.03), (extremely intricate:1.04), (epic scenery:1.09), (beautiful scenery:1.08), (detailed scenery:1.08), (intricate scenery:1.07), (wonderful scenery:1.05), (beautiful face:1.1), [perfect eyes:0.8], [perfect skin:0.8], [detailed face:0.8], [detailed eyes:0.8], [detailed hair:0.9], [detailed lips:0.8],

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