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3D Cartoon
Text to Image
Jan 1

extremely detailed face, perfect lighting, 1girl, rapunzel, mature woman, adult, (((medium breasts))), crazy long hair, blonde hair, (purple bra lace trim), (purple lace panties trim), very long hair, detailed green eyes, super sexy, long legs, lean thighs, looking at viewer, uncensored, beautiful face, seductive face, (standing:1.4), (masterpiece:1.2), (best quality:1.1), (ultra detailed), (8k, 4k, intricate), (full-body-shot:1.2), (highly detailed:1.2), (detailed face:1.2), (dynamic pose:1.5), (white background), nsfw, CR1.2, , <lyco:fitgirl_v10:1.0>

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