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Flat 2D
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Jan 1

professional portrait, goth girl, velma from scooby-doo, a girl wearing eye glasses and an orange top, gorgeous figure, ultra detailed photograph, wearing an off shoulder slim sweter, natural body posture, captured with a 85mm lens, bokeh, ultra accurate detailed, bokeh lighting, surrealism, urban setting, goth style mood, dark eye makeup, in the style of jessica drossin, Bubble Bouffant Hair, female, (curvy:1.3), thicc, huge ass, perfect soles, big ass, ass up wait feet, (pale skin:1.3), (huge jet black 60's bouffant hair:1.3), red lipstick, (high detailed skin:1.1), wide jaw, (ultra detailed skin:1.3), 4k, realistic, (photorealistic:1.3), (shadows:1.2), finely detailed face, flawless seductive big bright blue eyes, luscious lips, wide jaw, detailed skin, glossy skin, skindentation, narrow waist (masterpiece:1.5), (best quality:1.5), (intricate details:1.5), (sharpen details), (ultra detailed face, ultra detailed eyes, ultra detailed mouth, ultra detailed body, ultra detailed hands, ultra detailed clothes:1.5) (massive breasts:1.2), (perfect hands:1.3), (small waist:1.1), (thick thighs:1.1), wide hips, (easynegative, badhandv4, BadDream, verybadimagenegative_v1.3,:1.4)

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