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3D Cartoon
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Jan 1

from side, from below, feet focus, full body, (night time), starry sky, victorian architecture, (garden view), nature, flowers, large balcony, 1girl, beautiful, beauty, huge breast, sagging breast, detailed face, detailed eyes, jet black hair, long hair, crimson red eyes, (red lips), slihtly make up, snow white skin, shiny skin, (dark blue dress), one piece dress, eleborate dress, sitting on the balcony, (sincere smile), looking at viewer, (mater piece, best quality, 8K, UHD, extreme detailed description, professional, studio lighting, sharp focus, natural lighting, highres, ultra detailed 8K CG, perfect lighting, exremely detailed background, eleborate atmosphere:0.75, fantastical colors, vivid colors, soft HDR),

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