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Flat 2D
Text to Image
Jan 1

((neon's shady decoration in a dark basement)),(the glow of neon sign:1.5),(neon sign:1.8),(electric spectaculars:1.4),(neon:1.4),(((complex neon sign:1.3))),masterpiece,photorial,8K,butterfly details cg,real person,1 girls,((disney's snow white)),(cute face:1.2),((snow white's costume:1.6)),(((snow white's dress))),disney anime,((blue puff sleeves:1.6)),((blue dress)),(dress with blue upper body),((disney anime snow white hairstyle)),(cosplay:1.3),(((snow white of disney anime))),(red ribbon on the head:1.6),(snow white),((machine device apple)),(((cyberpunk))),(long dress:1.3),Disneyland's Snow White is chained to machines in a basement in an old cyberpunk world. Snow White is sleeping with her eyes closed inside the glass case of a large hibernation capsule., (frozen sleep capsule:1.3),machine apple, (very dark room:1.3),((machine embedded in the body)),basement,(machine and human:1.2),snow white sleeping in the machine,hr giger,biomechanic,rusted machine,Ancient/Mystic atmosphere,Rainbow Effect,Emphasizing light dispersion,fusion with machine,game design,

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