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Flat 2D
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Jan 1

Full front nude female girl. Beach with sunset, spreading legs, water in background, ((masterpiece, best quality)), (((masterpiece, best_quality, highest quality))), (perfect detail, perfect skin:1.2),(highres), original,extremely detailed 8K wallpaper,(an extremely delicate and beautiful),incredibly_absurdres, intricate detail, distinct_image,extremely intricate,(detailed skin:1.3) , best quality:1.2, High definition, intricate details, finely detailed, beautiful detailed, high detailed skin, ((glossy skin)), shiny skin, (white skin:1.3), (pale skin:1.3),(natural light, ray tracing, volumetric light), (top quality), (golden-ratio face, perfect proportioned face, perfectly beautiful:1.3), (reflected diffuse light to face:1.3), (peer proportional face), (peer proportional body, proportional awesome body:1.3), parted lips, ((presenting)), (perfect anatomy, correct limb, correct finger), ((looking at viewer, eye contact)),((eye contact)), , ,,beautiful face, (cat ears,cat tail:1.3),,long legs,(empty eyes,neck collar,body writing), (garter straps),beautiful foot, (very huge breasts, ,long legs:1.3), wide hips,high heels,(nipples out:1.3),(Snow white hair,Hime cut,Propped up on elbows with legs open,view from side,nipple chain, :1.3), , (pantyhose,sexbodysuit,sexswimsuit:1.3),,(2girls:1.6), ,

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