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Flat 2D
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Jan 1

(deformed character, on back, Sleeping on the bed with eyes closed, sketch, chibi, kawaii, illustration:1.3), arms behind back, cowboy shot, (1girl:1.2), solo, 1girl, (high contrast hair, spiralcurl hair:1.36), dress, full_body, hairband, own_hands_together, puff_and_slash_sleeves, puffy_short_sleeves, puffy_sleeves, short_hair, short_sleeves, cartoon style, joe fenton, camping, unbecoming, calm, soft smile, (Pop horror style, sketch, illustration:1.4), (Grimm's fairy tales, Snow White:1.3), (white background:1.3), cute, kawaii, chibi, Cute and harmless specter, best quality, beautiful and delicate lips, delicate fingers, detailed pupil, illustration, manga, anime, 2D, paintings, sketches, ,

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