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3D Cartoon
Text to Image
Jan 1

A stunning digital painting of (Billie Eilish:1.0) by (mtg-art and Alan Lee:1.2), Low ponytail with feather hair accessory: A low ponytail wrapped with a delicate feather hair accessory, giving a soft and feminine feel to the look. wearing (As Snow White, create a stunning 8K quality masterpiece capturing her in the forest, surrounded by woodland creatures. In her iconic dress with puffed sleeves and high collar, her ebony hair adorned with a red ribbon, she smiles sweetly, radiating kindness and purity. The vibrant colors of the forest, combined with the elegant details of her outfit, make this image a stunning, wholesome spectacle.:1.2) , (In a high kick pose, she balances on one leg, the other extended high and straight. One arm reaches out to the side, the other guards her face. Her gaze is fierce, powerful.:1.1) ,(octane render,masterpiece,unforgettable promo image,captivating scene,DSLR-quality,8k quality,cinematic lighting,beautifully crafted digital painting,dramatic lighting,atmospheric lights,subsurface scattering,vibrant high contrast,trending on ArtStation,Deviant-art,high detailed,epic fantasy character art,Sharp Focus,concept art,high-resolution,Photorealistic Painting,best quality,ultra detailed,gorgeous lighting,CG unity:1.2), , demonictech, scifi

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